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Meet The Team

We are a family-run company with strong family values that are central to the care model we embrace.

Those who choose to make Poplars their home are effectively adopted as part of our extended family responsibilities. Their wellbeing is paramount as we continue to deliver outcomes driven by compassion and an unyielding passion for caring.

Our directors, Mr Roshan Dass, Mrs Sandeep Shehmar and Dr Narinder Narhlya, take a hands-on approach to overseeing the day-to-day running of the home. There is a keen eye to detail in ensuring that the atmosphere of the home remains a friendly one – replicating as much as possible the kindness, consideration and humour found in a healthy family environment.

Our vision is simple: To set a benchmark in care that builds upon the excellent reputation of Poplars and to expand to make our business 'future proof'. Everything we do to enhance the quality of the lives of our residents is driven by a desire to better their life experience, no matter how medically challenging that can be.

Training and development of staff is overseen by Mrs Shehmar and Dr Narhlya manages business finance and clinical development. The New Poplars building project, which will more than double the footprint of the home, is being site managed by Mr Dass.

While having big plans for the long-term future, we believe we remain sufficiently flexible to respond quickly to emerging changes in the governance of care while still holding close a family focus for Poplars.

We are not an impersonal corporate and pride ourselves on our transparent approach. Our home is always open during daylight hours for people to drop in unannounced to check out the kind of care we give.

We have nothing to hide and intend for our services to remain that way as we develop capacity.